Chemical free foods are in demand after covid 19 diseases specially from asian continent. Asian Continental known for herbs and medicinal plant cultivation at its best.India is always a priority for herbs, medicinal plants and other spices across the globe.Now indian organic farming is the future of the world and our motto is to establish our local farmers globally.We worked closely with farmers and educated them all for not using conventional farming methods and enhanced soil health and nutritions values by using organic manures, compost/ vermi compost  etc. 
We procure from registered farms and process it into our warehouse and get them cleaned and sortex & packed well for further supply across india. We have around 100 farmers groups as of now across India and we are increasing their numbers with help of them towards idol and authentic organic and natural farming.
upload some local farming pics .
Production– We have NPOP NOP registration under ROCA Jaipur govt bodies for processing farm grade spices, grains and others food grade items.We supplied loose packing as per our buyers needs and assured on quality.Making bilona process for ghee and ghani process for cooking edible oils also we are launching soon. As of now we are giving contracts to various groups of farmers in western part of rajasthan for producing organic and natural cow ghee and edibles oils for our bulk requirement across india. We also make all types of gluten free flours with bulk packaging. 


we have a separate team for handling QA start from farming and processing and further packaging.we always assure on best quality while processing any products and never compromising on quality assurance.

Maa Organic– Its our retail brand name and launched just because of our retail customers who wish to have quality organic and natural products in hand for their customers or end users.Currently we supplied cow ghee, edibles oils, seeds, spices in to retails packing and expanding range for more stores owners and dealers across india.

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